About Us

Our Business has originated the advancement of spots and other topical treatments to alleviate daily pains and discomforts. Our line of theproduct got early approval in Asia and now offers in 50 nations worldwide.
Our items now delight in worldwide acknowledgment, we began out as a little, household owned business. Our Business was founded in the mid-19th century. The business went on to produce a big range of health-related items. Our business has constantly prided itself on its capability to produce brand-new customer items based upon Hisamitsu's thorough research study, advancement, production, and sales abilities.

Our Business brand name spots were first presented in 1934, and their straight-out effectiveness moved our business to the position of market management that we presently hold today. The initial item got fast approval and was thought about cutting-edge innovation in its day. Thanks to thecontinual research study and input from daily users, our items continue to develop. Our business has broadened the culture and use of spot treatment. Our Business continues to establish and improve healing spots that are safe and easy to use.